Friday, May 28, 2010

Taliban attack two mosques in Lahore, over 1000 taken hostage

Lahore, May 28 (ANI): After a brief lull in terror activities in Pakistan, the Taliban struck with deadly force, with armed militants and suicide attackers storming into two mosques killing at least five persons on Friday here.The mosques are located in Lahore’s Garhi Shahu and Model Town areas.According to media reports, at least five people were killed, including two security personnel and over 15 injured as one of the many suicide bombers blew himself up at the Garhi Shahu mosque.The attack took place when a large number of people had gathered to offer special Friday prayers at both mosques, and reports said that the attackers have taken over 1000 people hostage in the brazen terror strike.There were reports of several blasts followed by gunshots near the two mosques, which belong to the Ahmedia sect.Television footage showed heavy exchange of gunfire between the militants and security forces.The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan has already claimed the responsibility for the attack (TTP).The gunfight between security forces and militants was still continuing the last reports filtered in. (ANI)

Mizoram highest among states in tobacco consumption

More than 20 per cent Mizoram smokers have kicked out the habit in the past one decade, raising hopes that Mizo will shake off the ignominy of being the topper among states in tobacco consumption.A survey conducted by the Mizoram State Tobacco Control Society has revealed that more and more smokers are of late kicking the butt.Jane Ralte, programme officer of MSTC, told PTI that the survey, conducted among 2,500 people above 18 years of age in the eight districts of Mizoram, found that as much as 73.1 per cent of the smokers wanted to quit smoking.The survey reveals that while 55 per cent still smoked, 45 per cent are non-smokers or who had quit the habit.As many as 50.8 per cent of the smokers said they did not find any enjoyment in smoking, while 37.5 per cent still do and 84.2 per cent admitted that their expenditure on cigarettes was a financial burden.At least 10.6 per cent said no to it and 5.2 per cent could not give an answer.The survey also revealed that a whopping 89.60 per cent agreed that smoking was harmful for health, but 6.80 per cent did not think so and 3.60 per cent did not offer opinion.In all 85.3 per cent are also aware that passive smoking is equally harmful to others, while as many as 10.3 per cent of them did not believe in it.