Saturday, September 25, 2010

Stolen Indian bikes power boats in Bangladesh


Your smiles per hour are being smuggled out to Bangladesh. Carburetors that make 100-135cc motorbikes run 60-70 km per liter on road are helping modified country boats in Bangladesh derive substantial mileage. Blame it on a network of bike smugglers operating from Gurgaon to Goa to Garo Hills in Meghalaya.
The Meghalaya police had in May arrested two Bangladeshi nationals from the state’s West Garo Hills bordering Bangladesh. The two had with them a couple of engines removed from motorbikes.
“They confessed to smuggling bikes and other commodities from India to Bangladesh,” said West Garo Hills district police chief Dalton Marak. Their confession, he added, led to the busting of a racket headed by one Kala Mian.
The gang had lifted at least 50 bikes from Meghalaya, Assam and West Bengal in July. Registration plates recovered from their hideout also revealed that stolen bikes were being supplied from Haryana and Goa, too.
Meghalaya police officials said Bangladeshi buyers prefer engines of motorbike brands that give high mileage. Engines command a minimum price of R10,000 depending on the on-road mileage of the bikes.
Confirming the bike-smuggling menace, Border Security Force (BSF) spokesman Ravi Gandhi said the felons have been using unfenced sectors and riverine borders to move across the international border. “But we have foiled many attempts, at least six times this year,” he told HT.