Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pakistan has to change its mindset on Kashmir

London, June 18 (ANI):  When we in the Kashmir National Party said in 1990s that Pakistani policies were damaging the Kashmir dispute; we were called ''anti Pakistan'', ''anti Kashmiri movement'' and supporting India on Kashmir.

But when Nawaz Sharif, two times Prime Minister of Pakistan and currently tallest and most sincere leader of Pakistan in a seminar organized to mourn the death of Syed Saleem Shahzad on June 10 said the same thing, that Pakistani institutions have caused more damage to the Kashmir dispute than anyone else; he is considered as a statesman with a great vision.

 Nawaz Sharif further said, "There is no sacred cow in the country and none should try to become a sacred cow as (we) won''t allow such an   attempt".

 When he said that, no one accused him of being anti Pakistan or supporting India on Kashmir. While we were discussing on the topic of   Nawaz Sharif''s statement and his criticism of army and the ISI, one friend said:   He is a son of Punjab, how could anyone call him a ''traitor''? Only people of Sind, Balochistan, Frontier, Bengal and Kashmir could be honoured with the  ''title'' of being a ''Traitor''.

When we said militancy was started and managed by Pakistan (although it was people of Jammu and Kashmir who suffered on both sides of the   divide with varying degrees), some Pakistanis and their Kashmiri agents yelled   that it was ''indigenous movement''. They used extremely vulgar words against us and accused us for being anti movement and pro India.

Over the years many top Pakistani officials and famous journalists have acknowledged that the militancy was initiated and managed by   Pakistani secret agencies. Most recent in this series of admissions was made by a retired Pakistani General and a former Home Minister during Benazir   Bhutto government Mohindin Haider.

 In a live ARY TV show ''Do Tok'' on June 12, 2011, General Moindin Haider acknowledged that it was a policy of Pakistan to send in militants in Kashmir to bring India to the negotiation table.

He said just like they created Mukti Bahini in East Pakistan, we started militancy   in Kashmir as it was cheap way to engage 700,000 army of India instead of having an open war.

No one will call him a ''traitor'' or criticise him because he is a Pakistani and a former General - a class of people above the law in Pakistan. All the foot soldiers of the Pakistani establishment are also tight lipped on this; and some shamelessly still claim that the Kashmiri struggle is indigenous. I have said this before and I will say it again:

 The people who suffer are indigenous, the property that is destroyed is indigenous, people who are uprooted are indigenous, business that is   lost is indigenous, hatred and extremism that has been promoted affects indigenous people; but training to kill and destroy is Pakistani, bombs   are Pakistani, guns are Pakistani and money spent for this mission to engage   the Indian army is also Pakistani.

We said to members of the Pakistani establishment that, for God''s sake, don''t bring jihadi warriors from other countries as that will   change fundamental character of the Kashmiri struggle. We further said these   jihadi warriors are alien to our struggle and our culture, and are creating problems for us and tomorrow they will create problems for Pakistan as well. We were called anti Islam, anti jihad, anti movement and pro India.

 Now nearly all sensible people, commentators, writers and scholars in Pakistan are demanding that these jihadi warriors created by Pakistani agencies to advance their strategic interests must be crushed, as they have become a serious threat to Pakistani interests and state of  Pakistan.

Pakistani establishment have made big blunders and have seriously damaged the Kashmir cause, and anyone who criticise them is accused of   being anti Pakistan; even a leader like Benazir Bhutto was considered as a  ''security risk''.

 All military preparations, all weapons purchased and bulk of the budget is spent on defence, which we cannot afford. For defence we deprived our children of food, medicine and good education; but what is the outcome? Failure in 1965 war, which we started to liberate Kashmir. Instead of invasion of Kashmir we had to struggle to save cities like Lahore and Sialkot.''

In 1965 war Pakistani advance was so rapid that they crossed River Tavi and could have captured a large area of Jammu and Kashmir before India could have managed a counter attack. But all of sudden   General Akhtar Hussain Malik, who was in charge of this attack, was replaced with General Yayah Khan; and with that Pakistani advance also stopped.

The Indian counter offensive came five days after this. To date no one knows why
 This change was made. One view is that thinkers in the army establishment might have said - ''Fools if we take over Kashmir then what will you do'' - Meaning if the Kashmir dispute is resolved then there will be no justification   For  the large army and a big budget, and all other benefits attached with all  this.

Pakistani establishment must acknowledge that Kashmir does not belong to India or Pakistan. It is not a religious issue. It is not a territorial dispute. Kashmir dispute concerns people of Jammu and Kashmir''s unconditional right of self-determination. Pakistan must not promote the Kashmir dispute as a Muslim issue or a religious dispute, as it will give
 rise to extremism and divide people of Jammu and Kashmir on religious  lines.

  Pakistan is in deep crises and situation is getting worse with time.  Pakistan cannot get out of these crises by diverting attention to other issues. They have to look at the root cause of their problems and try to address those problems by rooting out corruption, nepotism, regionalism, extremism and by exterminating ''jihadi forces'' who have given bad name to our religion and have also landed Pakistan in this quandary.

As for Kashmir, it is best you leave us alone, at least, until you have resolved issues, which have endangered stability and future of Pakistan. We Kashmiris do not want to be part of India or Pakistan; and attempts to capture Kashmir must be stopped as it will endanger peace and stability of the entire region (ANI)

Writer is Head Diplomatic Committee of Kashmir National Party, political analyst and author of many books and booklets.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Explosive found inside Guwahati-Kolkata Kanchanjengha Express

Guwahati, June 17 (ANI): Railway Police in Assam averted a major disaster this morning when its personnel recovered a suspected Improvised Explosive Device (IED) during a routine checkup from the Guwahati-Kolkata Kanchanjengha Express.

According to reports, the explosive device was recovered from an air bag from seat number 22 of S5 coach at around 5.30 a.m.

The bomb squad was called in immediately and they defused the explosive device.

According to the police, it could have been a major blast, as the total amount of explosive device is 8 kg.

All the passengers inside the train are safe with no injury being reported.  (ANI)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mizo man jailed for MMSing ex-girlfriend’s nude photos

Mizoram police arrested one Lalbiakzuala in state capital Aizawl on last Friday for MMS-ing his former girlfriend’s nude photos. The man is a resident of Venghlui locality. Lalbiakzuala is learnt to have taken the pictures of his ex-girlfriend at Reiek, a tourist spot 12 km from Aizawl, with his mobile phone camera in 2008. The relationship between the two soured a few months ago.
Earlier this month, the girl came to know that Lakbiakzuala was spreading her nude pictures and lodged an FIR. "We took a few days to zero in on her ex-boyfriend," said a police officer from Aizawl.

A survey by the Mizoram police in 2010 had revealed there were some 70 locally made sex videos circulating in and outside the state. More than 60% people involved in the videos confessed they indulged in sex on camera voluntarily.

The Synod Social Front, an organ of the Mizoram Presbyterian Church has been combating “social sins” – pre-marital and experimental sex, specifically – that they blamed on excessive and unethical use of cell phones.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Concerned over the growing activities of militant groups in the state, Meghalaya government has asked for five additional battalions of paramilitary forces to neutralize the outfits. Meghalaya Chief Minister Dr. Mukul sangma expressed over the groups from across the borders operating in Meghalaya. The resent militant ambush at the police patrol at east Garo hills where three cops were killed has made the Government of Meghalaya rethink on the security aspect of the state. Meghalaya Home Minister HDR Lyngdoh said the state has asked for five ITBP battalions and the request has been made to the Ministry of Home Affairs. He said combing operations were continuing in the Garo hills where the activities of militant groups were in spate. Asserting that there is a need to take serious and bold steps to curb the growing activities of the militants, the Home Minister claimed that the situation was still in its control. Backing his force, the Home Minister said it is difficult for the forces to operate given the topography in the remote areas of Garo hills.The Home Minister will be visiting all the three districts of Garo hills to access the law and order situation and boost the morale of the police personnel serving there. Chief Minister Mukul Sangma also assured that steps were being taken to ensure that the elements are neutralized. Admitting that there was a deficiency of manpower in the state, he hoped that the Centre would sanction the additional forces soon. The Chief Minister also asserted that there was a need to address the root cause of the militancy problem so that no more new outfits are born. The Chief Minister added that the issues of backwardness, unemployment etc in the rural areas need to be addressed to resolve the issue. Three police men were killed and two others injured, one of them critically when Garo National Liberation Army militants ambushed a security team, fired at them before taking away their weapons last Saturday in East Garo Hills. Later on ULFA’s hand was also revealed in GNLA ambush in Garo Hills. This has created suspicion on the activity of ULFA on Garo soil. The GNLA is the most active militant group in Meghalaya at present and has been blamed for rampant extortion in the Garo hills belt. The outfit, claiming to be fighting for an independent Garoland, had also carried out a number of kidnappings over the last few months and slapped extortion demands on traders and government officials, besides killing policemen and labourers.


In a positive response to the recent announcement of Shija hospital’s Smile Train leg Mission Myanmar, Myanmarese nationals visited the Shija Hospital authority in Moreh at a screening camp for cleft palate surgery. Mission Myanmar, the Smile Train Cleft Surgery campaign for Myanmar which will commence from June 12 got a boost on Wednesday when several Myanmarese showed up for screening at the screening camp established by the Shija Hospital and Research Institute at Manipur’s border town of Moreh. Speaking at the one-day long screening session for free cleft palate surgery, the Managing Director of Shija Hospital Dr Ksh Palin while expressing satisfaction over the response stated that Mission Myanmar will be a new ground breaking project which will enhance ties with Myanmar and also help in promoting Manipur’s potential for medical tourism. Earlier, at a screening camp for cleft surgery at the organized by the SHRI in association with the 31st Assam Rifles, many persons with cleft lip visited the camp for screening from which 4 persons were selected for free cleft surgery to be conducted at the Shija hospital in Imphal. According to Shija official, 1972 people have been given free palate surgery by the S.H.R.I under the highly successful Smile Train project and around 1000 persons with cleft lip are expected to benefit the surgery.

Mumbai scribe shot dead by 4 unidentified men

Mumbai: A journalist working with Mid Day was shot dead on Saturday by four unidentified men. J Dey covered the underworld for Mid Day and was admitted to Mumbai's Hiranandani hospital where he succumbed to the injuries.
The Senior journalist and Investigations Editor was shot at on Saturday afternoon outside Spectra Building near DMart at Powai. He sustained five bullet wounds. Police say there are eight entry-exit wounds on his body.
He was rushed to Powai's Hiranandani Hospital where he was declared dead on admission.
Preliminary information from the police reveals that four unidentified men riding two motorcycles shot at him.
Joint Commissioner (Crime) Himanshu Roy said he would be able to issue a statement to the media once he reached the scene of crime.
Dey was covering underworld and crime for a long time and he was a special investigations editor.
Dey also wrote a book called 'Zero Dial' on the underworld. Dey covered the underworld in the turbulent 80s and 90s.
Mumbai's Commissioner of Police Arup Patnaik said, "I was noot aware of what he was working on at this time. he was a very good crime reporter. He was a very good resource person."
He also wrote countless articles on organised crime. Sources say Dey got no specific threat to life in the last few days.
Joint Police Commissioner (Law & Order) Rajnish Seth said Dey was shot dead in Hiranandani area of Powai. According to police, four persons riding on two bikes fired at Dey on Saturday afternoon.
Mumbai PWD minister Chaggan Bhujbal Maharashtra said, "I knew him for long and was a friend for 15 years. He wrote for many newspapers. I don't know why he was shot dead. Maybe some reporting of his had hurt some mafia. We have a lost an important reporter in the State."
Dey stayed in Ghatkopar and is survived by wife Shobha.
Information and Broadcasting Minister Ambika Soni said, "I condemn the attack and no civilised society will accept intolerance of freedom of press. Hope police apprehends the guilty soon."

Gogoi may take back land given to Ramdev

The Congress chief minister of Assam, Tarun Gogoi, has said he might take back the land given to yoga guru Baba Ramdev for his ayurvedic brand Patanjali. Ramdev had once approached him for land, he said. “I remember allotting him a plot, but I am not sure if he got it or not. If the land is not being used for the purpose it was given, it will be taken back,” Gogoi said, addressing the media on Friday.He, however, said the action was part of a policy meant to regularise land utilisation and would apply to all allotments made to firms, trusts, individuals and NGOs. Gogoi also came down heavily on Ramdev and social activist Anna Hazare for “playing politics”.

“They are not the only ones concerned about corruption,” he said, pointing out that Assam was the first state to implement the Right to Information Act.

He was also critical about Ramdev’s jibe at the Congress on the issue of black money in the run-up to the assembly elections earlier this year.

“If somebody does yoga, it is fine. But he should not get into politics,” Gogoi said.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

No intention to quit Lokpal panel, says Hazare team

New Delhi, Jun 7 (PTI) A day after boycotting the meeting of Lokpal bill drafting committee, Anna Hazare-led team today made it clear that they had no intention to quit the joint panel and hit out at HRD Minister Kapil Sibal for attacking them.

Activist Arvind Kejriwal said civil society members will attend the next meeting and contended that if they leave the ten-member committee, it will have "no credibility" as it will only remain a government panel with five ministers.

"Kapil Sibal has said that whether we come or not, they will go ahead (with the drafting of the Lokpal Bill). Why did that question arise? We had written to (Finance Minister) Pranab Mukherjee that we will not be attending today's (June 6) meeting.

"We also said that Anna Hazare will not be available on June 10 and so that the meeting on that be postponed.

No difference with Anna Hazare: Yoga guru Ramdev

Haridwar, Jun 7 (PTI) Yoga guru Baba Ramdev today dismissed suggestions of a rift with the Anna Hazare-led team and said he has asked his supporters to join the day-long fast by the social activist and his aides in New Delhi tomorrow.

"We are with them (Anna Hazare-led group). There is no difference between Anna and me," Ramdev told reporters here.

He was responding to suggestions that there was a rift between him and the Anna Hazare-led team.

"Thousands of our activists will go to Delhi to participate in the Anna movement (scheduled for tomorrow). We do not have any hope with this government. It (government) has stifled the Lokpal Bill movement," he said.

Hazare and other civil society members of the Lok Pal drafting committee will sit on a day-long fast to protest the crackdown on Ramdev's fast against corruption at Ramlila Maidan on Saturday night.

Permission denied for Anna Hazare fast at Jantar Mantar

New Delhi, June 7 (ANI): Delhi police today denied permission to Anna Hazare to hold his one-day fast at Jantar Mantar on Wednesday to protest against the government action on yoga guru Baba Ramdev.

Hazare had earlier said that he would defy prohibitory orders if police deny permission for the protest, saying it was the right of public to raise voice against injustice.

Shanti Bhushan, co-chair of joint drafting committee on Lokpal had said they would sit on fast from 10 am to 7 pm on Wednesday at Jantar Mantar to protest the police action.

"The incident in Ramlila Maidan on Saturday was a blot on democracy. We will protest it. It is the right of public to protest and will sit there even if we do not have police permission," he said.

Delhi Police had issued prohibitory orders for a week in a bid to pre-empt any protest by Ramdev supporters. (ANI)

Team Anna to hold protest at Rajghat tomorrow

New Delhi, June 7 (ANI): Hours after the Delhi Police denied permission to Gandhian Anna Hazare to hold his one-day fast at Jantar Mantar on Wednesday, the civil society activists appeared to be firm on their demand, saying they will now hold the fast at Rajghat to protest against the government action on yoga guru Baba Ramdev.

Asserting that they will go ahead with a "very peaceful" protest, RTI crusader Arvind Kejriwal, a key figure in Hazare''s campaign against corruption, said: "No one can stop Anna Hazare from protesting tomorrow. We will hold fast at Rajghat tomorrow."

"Anna has never provoked anyone. He never had a violent history. Now he says, he wants to assemble peacefully, what is the need of Section 144. If police tries to stop us we will not resist, but just offer ourselves for being arrested," he added.

Alleging that government has arbitrarily imposed Section 144, Kejriwal further said there have been Supreme Court orders stating that the section should not be misused.

Former Supreme Court Judge N. Santosh Hegde commenting on the matter said: "This government is misusing police power and suppressing people''s rights. The actions of the government against Baba Ramdev show they are scared of him."

Meanwhile, Baba Ramdev also extended his full support to Hazare, saying all his supporters will join the Gandhian in his fast scheduled tomorrow.

"The denial of permission shows the government''s intent. My supporters will be part of Anna''s fast scheduled tomorrow," said Ramdev.

According to reports, Delhi Police Commissioner B. K Gupta is meeting Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram over the issue and a decision may be taken of allowing the fast to take place at a different place and not at Jantar Mantar.

Hazare had earlier said that he would defy prohibitory orders if police deny permission for the protest, saying it was the right of public to raise voice against injustice.

Delhi Police had issued prohibitory orders for a week in a bid to pre-empt any protest by Ramdev supporters. (ANI)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Ramdev resumes fast against corruption in Haridwar

Haridwar, June 6 (ANI): Yoga guru Baba Ramdev on Monday resumed his agitation against corruption in his ashram in Haridwar after he was denied permission to enter Uttar Pradesh to continue his protest.
Baba Ramdev sat on ''satygraha'' along with his supporters and disciples at ''yagyashala'' of his Patanjali Yogpeeth late last night.
The yoga guru, who was bundled out of New Delhi after police crackdown, tried to resume his satyagrah in Noida on Sunday but was not allowed to enter Uttar Pradesh.
He was stopped on the border of Muzaffarnagar district at Bhuraheri police check post where the administrative officials asked him to return to Uttarakhand.
Later, he returned to Patanjali Yogpeeth last night and began his fast.
"No one should violate law and so I am not going to Delhi. I was not allowed to reach Noida to continue the protest. Now it will happen in Haridwar from Monday," he told a press conference on Sunday.
He had also said that the government can stop him from entering Delhi for not more than 15 to 30 days and he will come again to the national capital.
On Congress leader Digvijay Singh''s attack on him, Ramdev said he would not comment on statements of "irresponsible" people.
Ramdev, who was evicted from Delhi''s Ramlila ground along with thousands of his supporters in a midnight drama on Saturday night, was flown by a special plane to Dehradun from New Delhi''s Palam Airport.
The talks between the Central Government and Ramdev crashed with both sides citing betrayal.
The cabinet ministers, who were making all attempts to persuade Ramdev to give up his fast said that he had promised he would end his fast last evening. A letter was produced in this regard.
Ramdev, however, said the government was lying, and added that the letter had been conditional upon the government agreeing to his list of demands.
Ramdev started his indefinite ''fast-unto-death'' stir on Saturday to demand several radical reforms in the prevailing political system, including a death penalty for corrupt officials. (ANI)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Baba Ramdev begins fast against corruption

New Delhi, June 4 (ANI): Yoga guru Baba Ramdev launched his indefinite fast against corruption and black money on Saturday morning after the government failed to persuade him to call off his protest.

The yoga guru began the protest along with thousands of his followers at the Ramlila maidan here as he was joined by Swami Sadhavi Ritambhara and other religious leaders from the Sikh, Jain and Muslim communities.

Before launching the fast, Ramdev held a yoga and ''bhajan'' session during which he told the gathering that the protest was intended to save the country from corruption and ensure that the poor get a good life.

A large number of security personnel, including women from Rapid Action Force, were deployed at the protest site to ensure no untoward incident takes place. A manual frisking is also being carried out at the entrance.

Yesterday, four hours of negotiation at a five-star hotel in Delhi did not give the government the out it was desperately seeking.

Baba Ramdev, who met with Union Human Resource and Development (HRD) Minister Kapil Sibal at the Claridges Hotel, demanded that those involved in corruption cases should be tried in fast-track courts and should get death sentence if found guilty.

Ramdev said: "Our courts have a backlog of 3.5 crore cases and corruption and black money cases are being heard by the same courts. We should have separate courts to deal with corruption cases and exemplary punishment should be meted to the culprits. They should be given death sentence. They should be hanged to death."

Terming people accused of corruption as traitors, Ramdev said that India could once again become a superpower if the Government tackles the problem on war footing.

"If the entire black money is brought back to the country, then poverty will be abolished. Indian currency will be stronger than the dollar and pound. India was once the leader in every sphere of the world," he added.

Expressing his heartfelt thanks to his supporters, who have come to participate in his satyagraha, Ramdev said: "The crusade against corruption has reached a decisive stage and the government cannot just sit idle on these matters."  (ANI)