Saturday, July 17, 2010

CCEA approves Rs 2,873 crore socio-economic plan for Mizoram

The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs on Thursday approved a comprehensive and integrated socio-economic development project for Mizoram, involving a cost of over Rs 2,873 crore over a period of five years. The programme that will benefit 1.20 lakh families, will be implemented under the new land use policy of the state government, an official statement said.It envisages switching people involved in Jhum cultivation to permanent livelihood activities with ownership of land, access to link roads, irrigation and water harvesting and all this at a remunerative price for produces.Jhum cultivation or shifting cultivation is a prevalent practice in North-eastern states and it involves clearance of forest on sloppy land, drying and burning debris and cropping.After harvest, land is left fallow and cultivators repeat the process in a new plot designated for the year for Jhum cultivation. People involved in Jhum cultivation are called Jhumia.The integrated socio-economic development project for Mizoram under new land use policy seeks to increase income by 7-10 times through agri-horticultural activities, animal husbandry, fisheries, agro forestry etc, the statement said.The overall growth of the economy in the state will increase to 16 per cent from 6 per cent at present in the next 10 years, it added.


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