Thursday, July 15, 2010

Meghalaya treasuries go online

After Assam, Meghalaya becomes the second northeast state to take its treasury online. For the first time the model one of the cyber treasury systems in Meghalaya has been introduced followed by its integration with the SBI. Building connection around the world, Meghalaya government has introduced the first e-payment or the electronic payment of tax systems in Shillong. Although Meghalaya is the second state in the Northeast after Assam to go for cyber treasury system, however the state has adopted much more advance system to provide better Government to citizen service. This system has been introduced for the payment of commercial taxes. Now the tax payers can stay at home and can deposit their tax at any time. The system will be operated for 24X7 bases. With the introduction of e-payment system, all the treasuries will now be fully automated and interlinked through the Internet and will form part of the Integrated Financial Management System. Meghalaya Chief Minister Dr. Mukul Sangma however, said that advancement of technology has changed the mindset and the way of living for the people. As technology has made life simpler and the Government cannot shy away from such services. Technology does not only make work efficient but also eco-friendly. Mukul stresses that the government wants to serve the people at their door steps with quality transaction and functioning. The introduction and implementation of the new system would help most of the dealers in the state in depositing advance tax and to ascertain whether their money is directly going to the government. The foundation of this was laid in the last budget session when the state government had announced to carry out key financial reforms. As part of it, Government had announce its plans for operating the ‘On-line system of Tax Receipt’ via the cyber treasury in a time bound manner as a part of its e-Governance Plan. The government also stated that the web portal will facilitate online monitoring, meaningful review and effective planning & financial management. The Meghalaya Finance minister has outlaid Rs. 65 lakh for the completion of the project. An “On- Line System of Tax-Receipt” via a cyber-treasury was said to be operationalised within the next financial year as a part of the plan of e-governance.


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