Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Delhi, July 28, 2010

A woman from Manipur, nursing two-months-old baby was beaten and outraged her modesty by two men at Sikanderpur, Gurgaon last night. Two men who came to visit Mercy were also merciless beaten. People from North East India are severely facing racial attack and discrimination in Delhi and NCR continuously without any measurement taken by the government and police forces.A source reaching to North East Support Centre & Helpline says that Marcy (name changed) age 28-years-old is wife of an Indian army from Manipur posted at Lucknow, is nursing a two-months-old baby, residing at Sikanderpur, Gurgaon, Haryana. Incident happened when her a lady friend visited at around 9 PM along three boys from her village in Manipur who were leaving next day for study at Bangalore. After half and hour, Mercy’s friends left the house and a man age of 30, from same locality, name not known, started beating them. When Mercy heard the sound of beating, went out to stopped the man beating her friends. The assaulted and abused her to outrage her modesty with vulgar remarks in Hindi (gandagi aurat and bazaar aurat).Neighbors came forward and sided with local man and abused her and her friends. Another man, name not known came and joined the local and started slapping Mercy repeated six times. Mercy and other north east boys and girls who are living in the same building and localities were threatened and warned not to report to police, otherwise face consequences.Mercy reports to North East Support Centre & Helpline, “Whole night I was so afraid with my little baby locked up the house and stayed in side till I could get friends from Manipur to come and help. I informed to my house owner and he did not come to help me also.”North East Support Centre & Helpline have reported the matter to Mr. Anil Dawal – Deputy Commission Police Crime Branch and he assured to take up the matter. Meanwhile North East Support Centre & Helpline has appealed the North East Welfare Association, Gurgaon to help the Mercy and her friends to file a complaint in police station.North East Support Centre & Helpline is submitting a memorandum to Chief Minister of Haryana and Director General Police to take up the preventive measurement to stop the racial attack and discrimination meted out to the people from North East India, particularly in Sikanderpur village, Gurgaon.source - north east suppport centre and helpline


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