Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Landslide on NH 39 causes food scarcity in Kohima

Kohima, August 22: Fresh landslide has occurred between Mao Gate and Kohima on Saturday evening. The landslide occurred near Kigwema but the authorities are clearing it on war-footing.Meanwhile, prices of essential commodities in the Nagaland capital Kohima are sky-rocketing due to the scarcity of the goods.Though the detailed reports in this regard have not been obtained, it is said that there have been scarcity of food items and fuel in the Nagaland capital.The disruption of traffic had started since August 13 evening.The main factor for the scarcity of goods in Kohima is due to the sinking of the National Hoghway-39 near KMC dumping ground which is few kilometres from Kohima towards Dimapur.The number of goods trucks stranded on the NH-39 between Kohima and Dimapur bound for either Manipur or Kohima are increasing everyday.Some reports said that the number of loaded trucks stranded along the NH-39 has crossed one thousand mark today.Some vehicles are taking the By-Pass route but drivers of the loaded vehicles/heavy vehicles do not want to risk themselves in this alternative route since the condition is bad.Meanwhile, the Border Road Organisation (BRO) officials said that they may take atleast 10 days to mend the road as the distance of the re-alignment of the NH-39 in the ‘sinking zone’ is some 350 metres.However, if the rains continue the time to fully revert the NH-39 will be longer than slated.


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