Thursday, October 7, 2010

Nagas from Manipur flooding into reserve forest:NSCN-K


Dimapur, October 05: The NSCN-K has been irked by the alleged threat to the Intanki Reserve Forest because of the flooding of Nagas from Manipur into the reserve forest in Nagaland in the last ten years. The NSCN-K, also called GPRN/NSCN said tonight that in the last ten years large number of Nagas from Manipur have settled in the Intanki Reserve Forest. It alleged that the Government of Nagaland evicts only the settlers from Nagaland from the Intanki Reserve Forest and not the Nagas from outside the state of Nagaland settling in the reserve forest.
“In the last ten years, the trend of bringing in new families each year from Naga inhabited areas of Manipur and planting them in the Intanki Reserve Forest in Nagaland has become the biggest threat to the treasured reserve forest. GPRN/NSCN would like to point out that the so-called encroachments by tribes from Nagaland state is paltry compared to the vigorous colonies and establishments taking place by transplanted Nagas from other states in many pockets of the Intanki Reserve Forest, yet surprisingly, all evictions are done only to settlers from Nagaland state. The Nagaland state government is a nervous spectator watching the sinister drama taking place at Intanki Reserve Forest,” the NSCN-K (GPRN/NSCN) said.
The Naga outfit advised that it is high time for the Naga tribal bodies in the state of Nagaland, NGOs and civil societies, student bodies and other concerned authorities to propose a spot verification in the Intanki Reserve Forest “because it is a National Reserve Forest and not a rehabilitation area”.


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