Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rs 1.5 crore recovered from rapist Tantrik's home


Mumbai: Police has recovered Rs 1.5 crore in cash and jewellery worth more than Rs 50 lakh from the house of the tantrik who raped six girls and the maid of an affluent Mumbai family. The tantrik, identified as Javed Nadeem Khalid alias Mehdi Hassan, lived in a rented house. The cache of money and jewellery has left the cops stunned.  sources revealed that the tantrik used to be a teacher. He gained access to the family by offering to teach Urdu. He was soon able to gain the confidence of the mistress of the house by claiming to know magic. raped


That woman took the tantrik to her sisters who had physically-challenged sons. The women thought the sons were cursed and asked the tantrik for help. He said he could prevent the birth of deformed children in their families if he had sex with their daughters.

The women reportedly agreed, and even rented a flat to send their daughters to meet the tantrik there. It was at this flat that the girls, all related, and their maid were repeatedly raped by the tantrik for four years. Sources said two of the girls had to undergo abortion.

Police is looking for the woman who first introduced the tantrik to the two women.

Going by the cache of money and jewellery recovered, cops feel that there may be more families which might have been duped by the tantrik. 


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