Sunday, January 23, 2011

India's first implant injectible contraceptive


Mumbai: Another option for all women looking at family spacing or who just want to play it safe, there's something that promises to help you stay away from the tedious pill routine.
The matchstick size injectable implant, clinically tested by the ICMR over 6 years on 3000 healthy women , has proved to be 100 per cent efficient in warding off pregnancy for 3 years.
The contraceptive is a heavy dose of hormone progesterone, but medics claim, side-effects are minimal.

Dr Rekha Daver, HOD Gynecology, JJ Hospital, Mumbai says, "Scientists have done a research and now we have third generation Progesterone which have minimum side effects, hormones will always have a side effect, because you are taking in the body. But these progesterone are the safest, they have minimal side effects on our blood, cholesterol, coagulation."


At regular intervals this implant releases hormone progesterone in the body which acts as a preventive against pregnancy. Now the whole procedure takes five minutes. But there are some side-effects.


Dr Rekha Daver says, "Side effects range from Cycle change to weight gain, irregular spotting or bleeding, patient has to be cancelled for that."


The trial also found that the women got back to their regular fertility cycles at the end of the three-year period and were able to conceive.


Available in 18 countries worldwide, the injectable implant had over 550 cases of failure in the London trials.


But experts attribute that to an incorrect method of administration.


The Health Ministry plans to launch this radical method of contraception on a national scale. But consult your doctor to see what contraceptive method is best suited for you.


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