Saturday, February 26, 2011

How to get your Unique Identification Number?


New Delhi: The new Unique Identification (UID) number could bring an end to all your ID proof problems. Six hundred million people are expected to get a unique ID number over the next two years. CNN-IBN tells you how to obtain a UID number.
First step for getting a UID number is a fingerprint scan of all the fingers. Next, you need to gaze into an optical device which records the unique iris patterns in the eye. Then, it's time for a mug-shot with a normal web camera. Finally, the officials take down your name, age, address and ask for proofs to back those details up.
You can chose among several options for proof of address. “Any one of telephone bill, electricity bill, voter ID card, bank statement, a pass book, passport et al can be used proof of address,” informed Manoj Banerjee, Vice President, Delhi Integrated Multi Modal Transit System.
“If you have ink stains on your fingers, we'll request you to wipe them off. If you wear contacts or spectacles, you'll have to take them off. For cataract patients getting an iris scan could be a problem but we have a way to work around that,” said Ashish Chatterjee, Sr Manager, Delhi Integrated Multi Modal Transit System.
Even though the entire process is completed in just 10 minutes, it takes around 45 days to receive the UID number. And it comes in the old fashioned way – in a letter delivered by the postman.
Starting mid March, kiosks will be set up in schools, community halls and ration shops in Delhi, where people can register themselves for getting UIDs. Getting a UID number is not compulsory as yet, but in a few years government offices and banks could ask for it before offering services.


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