Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mary kom


There was a time when Mary Kom, 27, didn’t know whether boxing was a risk worth taking, or if she’d ever make it in the big bad world outside Manipur. The doubts have cleared since, with Mary having bagged almost every national and international boxing medal. But she still remembers the woman who gave
her the strength to go on. It was in 1999 that I first saw Laila All. When I watched her boxing match with April Fowler on TV, I had been thinking about boxing. I’d been told that my physique was appropriate for the After mary komwatching Laila, I decided give it a shot. I had been a great fan of her father, Mohammed All, but Laila was my star.
“Coming from a small village, I faced a lot of opposition from parents and relatives", My father felt that boxing was a very harsh sport and I’d get cuts and bruises on my face, spoiling my chances of finding a good husband. I was surprised to find out that Laila had faced similar resistance from her father too. She was a boxing legend’s daughter, brought up in the US, and yet she faced opposition. And here I was, in a small village, trying to get into a sport that was not even remotely popular in my country. 
“I decided to wear my dad down. I promised him that one day I’d make him proud, but he needed to trust my decision. I enrolled myself for training under Coach Ibomacha. Once I started winning, my parents came around. They were finally convinced.
“Laila may have gotten some negative press, but her strong personality still inspires me’


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