Saturday, March 26, 2011

ULFA calls strike against PM's Assam visit

Guwahati: The Paresh Baruah faction of ULFA has called a 12-hour Assam bandh on Monday to protest the visit of Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh to campaign in Assam for the Assembly polls. The Prime Minister has "failed" to keep his written promise to discuss all the core issues for political solution of the Assam-India conflict, the outfit said in an e-mail to the media. Accusing Singh of "being the Prime Minister after acquiring his Assam residency documents without following rules", the ULFA alleged, "under his leadership a new conspiracy has been hatched to divide Assam and make the Assamese community extinct". "Singh has divided the ULFA to destroy the organisation," also asserted the e-mail signed by ULFA central publicity wing convener Arunudoy Dehotia. The underground group also threatened to call such strikes even when other central ministers or leaders from any political parties come here as "colonial India has sown the seed of divisiveness among the indigenous people of Assam and the North-East region to continue its domination here". "Till the rights of the indigenous people here are established, such bandh calls will continue," the ULFA warned.



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