Tuesday, May 31, 2011


A wooden bridge in dilapidated condition finally proved to be sole reason for the death of nearly 30 people. A bus carrying a marriage party fell off the bridge near Hajo in Kamrup district of Assam, leading to the tragedy. The death of the groom has left the bride dumb founded with her dream of a conjugal life in a shambles. A dilapidated wooden bridge linking Hajo with Nalbari has sounded the death knell for marriage party that was traveling in a ill-fated bus to the bride’s residence on Monday night. The tragedy has confirmed the worst fears of the local people who have for long been demanding replacement of the old wooden bridge with a RCC one. The thirty odd passengers who died in the accident also includes the groom. The locals have raised a finger at the PWD for turning a blind eye on the dilapidated wooden bridge along the busy Hajo-Nalbari road. For long years the people have been demanding that an RCC bridge be constructed and also the Hajo Nalbari road be widened. However, the highups in the PWD continued to turn a deaf ear to all the prayers made by the locals, who allege that the road has become a gold mine for a section of PWD officials and contractors. The writing was loud and clear on the wall for long that a tragedy of this nature might occur. Unfortunately, the PWD did not bother.Here are rows of dead bodies of innocent people who lost their lives in the tragic mishap. Will the PWD own the responsibility for their death? Can the PWD bring back to life the groom who dreamt of a colourful married life? Will the government make any one answerable for the tragic event?


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