Friday, July 15, 2011


In a move to energise the liberation movement for Manipur, United Front of the armed organisations operating in Manipur, seven militant organisations have joined hands under one roof. In a move to give a boost to the liberation movement in Manipur, seven prominent underground organisations have decided to join hands 'to regain the lost sovereignty of Manipur. A joint email statement of these underground groups said, leaders of KCP, KYKL, UNLF, RPF, PREPAK, PREPAK (PRO) and UPPK had a very high level conclave where it had formed a 'co-ordinating committee' of the seven organizations and elected RPF president Irengbam Chaoren as the committees convenor.According to the statement, India has been ceaselessly exerting its maximum effort in imposing its grip in the region and hence the need to fight together against the former has become a matter of necessity. It said the co-ordination committee will work out modalities for the seven underground organisations of Manipur to work together. The statement further said that the coming together of these militant groups was the result of the general public pressure who have been asking the outfits to fight under the same roof. Finally, the statement said that unity is courage. Unity is strength and appealed to the people for supporting the liberation movement. The signatories of the joint statement include N.Oken, general secretary of KYKL, Irengbam Chaoren (president of RPF), L. Paliba (chairman of PREPAK-PRO), Lanngamba Luwang (chairman of UPPK), N Nongdrenkhomba (chairman of PREPAK), Kh Pambei (Acting chairman of UNLF), Ksh Laba Meitei (president of KCP). The statement covers four slogan-“Unity is Strength”, “Unity is courage”, “Let the Freedom Movement Comes to Light” and “People of the Land stand victorious”


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