Monday, July 11, 2011


In an attempt to reach out to young voters in Manipur prior to the upcoming Manipur Assembly election scheduled in February next, the Chief Electoral Officer of Manipur has opened a facebook account to entertain enquiries and complains from voters in Manipur. The opening of the facebook account was a part of the mass campaign of the election office to reach out to voters and educate them about the electoral process. As part of the mass campaign adopted by the Election department of Manipur to encourage more electorates’ participation, the Chief Electoral Officer of Manipur has opened a facebook account. The facebook account under the user ID Ceo was opened by the Chief Electoral Officer of Manipur at a simple function on Monday held at the CEO office in Imphal. Opening the facebook account at, the Chief Electoral Officer of Manipur, PC Lawmkunga informed that the facebook account will be used as an interactive forum with young voters and educate them of the electoral process by putting up easy to learn materials on enrolment in photo electoral rolls, electors photo identity card, use of EVMs. Monday’s facebook account opening is said to a part of an endeavor from the election department of Manipur called Systematic Voters Education and Electoral Participation (SVEEP) which is aimed at inducing more voters’ participation and to educate voters about electoral process. Apart from social networking, the Election department will also be launching a call centre for addressing and redressing voter’s queries and grievances. On the otherhand, SVEEP which consist of a series of programs including, public rally, seminars and panel discussions will soon be implemented in various parts of Manipur in view of boosting voters’ cast in the upcoming February 2012 Assembly poll.


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