Monday, July 19, 2010

Mizos hail their CM’s bold remarks

Even though Mizoram Chief Minister Lal Thanhawla has clarified that his racism statement had been misinterpreted, many in Mizoram believe there was nothing wrong in his remarks.Students, in particular, feel Thanhawla has boldly spoken the truth and highlighted the ‘ground reality.’ A Northeast Students’ Organization release here today said, "By making this statement, Thanhawla has echoed the true feelings of the northeastern people. The NESO is delighted to have such a Chief Minister who has boldly revealed the ground reality in our country." "He has revealed before the world the pangs of racial discrimination silently suffered by the northeast people," NESO vice-chairman Lalmuanpuia Punte said in the statement.Speaking in an international conference on water in Singapore recently, Lal Thanhawla reportedly said he was a victim of racism in India."In India, people ask me if I am an Indian. When I go south, people ask me such questions. They ask me if I am from Nepal or elsewhere. They forget that Northeast is also a part of India. I told them that I am an Indian like you," he had said.C Lalhmachhuana, president of Mizorams apex students body Mizo Zirlai Pawl (MZP), said: "The mainland Indians treat us as if we are foreigners. It is my feeling that even the politicians at the Centre have been giving us a stepdaughter treatment. Our Chief Minister has spoken the truth and he has spoken on behalf of the entire northeast people." Social activists too stand by Thanhawla. "Thanhawla has been bold enough to highlight the true feelings buried deep in the hearts of the northeast people," said Ruatfela Nu, a social activist in Aizawl. Lalremruata Varte, a young professional in Aizawl, who had studied in Pune and Ahmednagar, said, "Ask anyone who had tasted a campus life in Delhi or other big cities, their answers would be in support of the Chief Ministers statement. How could those people call Australians racist while they are discriminating their own fellow countrymen?" A number of Mizo women say that they feel more at home in South East Asian countries than in their own country."For me, Bangkok is like home compared to our national capital Delhi. In Delhi, Mumbai or any other big cities in India, I can never feel secured. I feel secure when I go to South East Asian countries," businesswoman Mate said.


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