Monday, July 19, 2010

Muivah in reconciliation mood

Naga separatist leader T. Muivah has stressed on reconciliation and claimed to be ready for any dialogue with other Naga underground groups on this issue.“According to the commitment we have made, any time we are prepared to meet and talk with Khaplang, Khole and those who are still remaining uncommitted,” Muivah remarked during a public reception at Jotsoma village recently.“If any body fails, that would be very unfortunate because time for the Nagas is very precious. We have to see that adversaries do not exploit our weaknesses,” the Naga leader stressed. According to him those who claim to love the nation must try and understand their people and draw them to serve the cause of the nation. He said it was this necessity that made them visit places in search of understanding among the Naga people.“Jotsoma is an important village, we have respect for them, they have proud history and we are proud of them,” Muivah said. Regarding the opposition to his visit to different parts of Nagaland, Muivah said such point showed they do not understand the necessity the Naga people were facing today. “It is time for every Nagas to seek understanding of our time today. That is the way towards peace and progress,” he remarked.“Whenever anybody tries to understand the necessity of the nation, they should welcome them; wait for the concern they have, that is what they should do. But if they don’t try to understand others, then that is their mistake. For us, we will be very glad to understand them, we can even go and have talks with them to understand the issue before the Nagas that is expected from any sensible Nagas,” Muivah added.Firmly supporting the reconciliation process, Muivah said that there was no hurdle in the process of reconciliation but asserted there were negative attitudes towards reconciliation sometimes. “In the history of National struggle, there will be stages, armed stage, political stage and there may be also a stage both the adversaries and ourselves can understand each other,” he said. Muivah said it was high time that Nagas should understand each other.“We are ready to share our experiences and commitment and we are here today,” he affirmed.


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