Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mumbai: CID probe ordered in Faiz Usmani's death

Mumbai: Faiz Usmani, the brother of Ahmedabad blast suspect Afzal Usmani, died after being questioned by the Mumbai Crime Branch late Saturday night. The provisional post mortem report says that he died of a heart attack. A CID probe has been ordered into the death, after Usmani's family members alleged he died of police torture.
"I want justice. Strict action should be taken and the guilty should be punished," said Faiz' wife, Zubeida Usmani.
Angry family members crowded outside Sion Hospital, protesting the death of Faiz. It is reported that he fell ill during the questioning and was admitted to the hospital. He allegedly died of brain haemorrhage later in the night.
Faiz Usmani's son said, "We found out that he was vomiting, so the police admitted him to the hospital and left. They didn't tell us anything about what happened."
Faiz' family say that he was healthy when he left the house and are questioning the way the police treated him.
"I don't know what kind of questioning the police conducted that my husband fell so ill. When he left the house he was completely healthy and had no health problems," said Zubeida.
While Usmani's family claims he was in perfect health when the police picked him up for questioning, initial medical reports show he was suffering from hypertension and high blood pressure. The Mumbai police insists he was not tortured.
Nisar Tamboli, Mumbai Police Spokesperson, said, "There was no case of torture. Let me make it clear - Faiz was not detained by us. He came to the police station on his own, started feeling giddy and suffocated, reported it to the policemen around who took him to the hospital."
A state CID probe has been ordered into the death. Faiz was questioned as part of a citywide combing operation by Mumbai police after Wednesday's serial blasts.
Sources in the investigating team indicate that their probe will not be affected by Faiz Usmani's death. But, as a plethora of investigative agencies come under severe pressure to come up with answers in the Mumbai serial blasts case, this death has only complicated matters by throwing up more questions.


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