Thursday, December 20, 2012

SCHOOL BUS DRIVER Main accused in the Sunday night rape case

how safe are women ?

NEW DELHI: His attempt to stand up for his 22-year-old friend inthe face of comments by seven drunken strangers, questioning her liberty to travel so late at night, proved near fatal for both According to police, it was when he asked Ram Singh, the prime accused, who had questioned his friend’s morality by her decision to travel in his company after dark’ and was reeking of alcohol, to mind his own business that all hell broke lose in the white luxury’ bus which the couple had boarded from a bus stop just 15 minutes ago.

“In his statement, the victim, who is a qualified engineer and used to work in HCL till recently before deciding to quit and prepare for the civil services examination, has claimed that the men made comments to the effect that ‘only prostitutes chose to travel with men at the time’ that they were travelling” said an officer
Sources claimed the victim’s friend, the son of a lawyer from Gorakhpur, claimed to have known the woman for two years. and had met her to watch the afternoon screening of ’The life of P1’ at Saket Select Citywalk.

Incensed at his comment, he walked over to Ham Singh and.• asked him to watch,his mouth before he was allegedly provoked once again and,hit  Singh in reaction. “The other men then intervened in the scuffle that had just been triggered during which first their phones — two which were being used by the woman and one which was in the possession of her friend — were snatched. Then they were assaulted with iron rods the officer said.

A strike behind his head had sent him plummeting to the floor of the bus as it took turn after turn below the Mahipalpur flyover. Two men pinned him down as four others, including Singh, began raping the voman. His three other associates joined him later. “All that the man could recollect of the bus was that it was white, had ‘Yadav’ embossed on its side, had red seats, thick yellow curtains and silvergrey alloy wheels,” the officer said. According to sources, investigations proceeded on the line that the said bus was probably being used to ferry children from a south Delhi school. One such bus with a similar description was seized on Monday afternoon. Another of similar description, police said, had been seized from Noida Sector 15 and another from Sector 30.

Police said Ram Singh, arrested on Monday evening, drives the bus in which the gang- rape occurred, for two promient. schools — one in.pushp Vihar and the other at Noida. “Singh and six others had run out of booze, the men decided to go out looking for fare and buy more booze,” the officer added.



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