Monday, January 21, 2013

Rahul Gandhi says power should be used to empower people of India

Jaipur, Jan.20 (ANI): Stating that power should be used to empower the people of India, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on Sunday called for the sidelining of power hungry leaders, adding that they should make way if they fail to perform or be accountable.

He said having power for the sake of power was akin to having poison, and that the focus should be to evolve positives rather than negatives from power.

He also called for an end to infighting within the Congress party, saying that the grand old party still has the support of every single Indian, and should not lose it.

While thanking senior Congress leaders and supporters for the support and education that they had provided him during his eight years in politics, Rahul Gandhi said: “This (being made vice-president of the Congress Party) is a huge honour for me. Over the past eight years, the party has taught me tremendously. I have learnt from seniors, youngsters and thank all of them for the help that I have got from the bottom of my heart.”

The Gandhi scion called for change in the largely centralised system and also raised the issue of youth anger spilling on the streets.

“There is a young and impatient India demanding a voice in decision-making and politics,” Gandhi  said.

Raising the deficiencies in the Indian political system, the Congress vice president asked, “Why do a handful of people occupy political space without being accountable . Power is grossly centralised in the Indian political and administrative system. Why don’t we believe in empowering people.”

“People who are corrupt talk about eradicating corruption, people who disgrace women in daily life talk about women development,” he added.

Emphasising on empowering people who have immense knowledge but are deprived of positions, Rahul said that the time has come to question decision making in politics as only a handful are being empowered.

He also came down heavily on opposition parties and criticized them for terming the Aadhar scheme as a system of bribing the people.

Rahul underlined the benefits of schemes like MNREGA, Food Bill, Right to Education, Direct cash transfer scheme.

On an emotional note he reminisced the time when his grandmother, Indira Gandhi was killed and how his father had cried then. He also said that he was aware of the huge responsibility that had been bestowed on his shoulders. Rahul revealed that his mother, Sonia Gandhi had cried when they were together yesterday night because she knew that power was akin to poison. (ANI)


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