Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fans remember King of Pope Michael Jackson on first death anniversary

Michael Jackson fans around the world are preparing for the one-year anniversary of the music icon's death today, planning candlelight vigils and slumber parties to honor the tragic superstar. Jackson died from a drug overdose at a rented Los Angeles mansion exactly a year ago, a seismic celebrity death that triggered a global outpouring of tributes for the eccentric genius known as "The King of Pop." On the first death anniversary of this legend, leys have a look into his life and his career. The news came filtering in through different media - phone calls, SMS, instant messages, e-mail - but the message was the same - Michael Jackson is dead! This was 365 days ago but the message is still processing in some minds. The King of Pop had put in over four decades of hard work, as debatably, the world's greatest entertainer ever. From humble beginnings in little Gary, Indiana, USA, the young man born Michael Joseph Jackson on August 29, 1958, the eighth of his parents' 10 children, would conquer the world. His story has been told endlessly. There have been countless newspaper headlines, numerous magazine articles, several TV specials and more. Whatever the case, MJ is, for all intents and purposes, a phenomenon. With all the extensive coverage on his life - professional and amateur - we each have more than enough to go on to claim a personal bond with the larger than life super-duper-star, even referring to him on first name basis. When the world practically stopped on June 25, 2009 at the shocking news of his passing, it just went to show the profound effect he had on several generations. Yet, even in death, the legend continues and there is no stopping Michael. According to a Billboard report, Jackson has made approximately $1 billion since his death. Modern technology, primarily the internet, will also make it hard to forget Michael, or easy to remember him, depending on how you choose to look at it. During his storied career, Wacko Jacko, as he was cruelly or comically christened, suffered public scrutiny regarding allegations of inappropriate relations with minors; his sexual orientation; perceived arranged marriages; his Neverland Valley Ranch home; the paternity of his three children; his claimed vitilago and many other unflattering positions. The Hip-Hop generation, many of who were either unborn or attempting to walk at the height of his star in the Thriller era, has embraced this fallen star with open arms. Even disaster, in the form of the devastating Haiti earthquakes, led to the stars of today - misguided or otherwise - congregating to regurgitate Michael's love offering alongside Lionel Richie, "We Are the World," towards relief efforts for the displaced Haitians. The power of music seems to know no bounds and few, if any, managed to masterfully wield its magic wand with such magnificent ministration as Michael Jackson. He was, after all, human, although the extent of his talent, naturally, made us revere him, often to the point of worship. A year on from his physical passing, not much has changed. Love him, hate him or misunderstand him, you cannot deny or even ignore his genius and sheer brilliance.


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