Saturday, June 26, 2010

Northe-East to see partial lunar eclipse

A partial lunar eclipse will be visible from northeastern parts of the country on Saturday as moon will be covered by the earth's shadow.The eclipse in India will start at 2.27 p.m. and end at 7.50 p.m. The partial phase of the eclipse will last for 2 hour 43 minutes. This eclipse would be the last one in 2010 for India.The initial phase of eclipse will be visible from the central parts of South America, northeastern parts of the US, central parts of Canada and parts of Arctic Ocean.The final phase will be visible from some parts of the Indian Ocean, northeast India, China, Mongolia and northeast part of Russia."The visibility in India will be at the end of the eclipse. The ending of the eclipse is visible from the extreme northeastern states at the time of moonrise during the eclipse," said the ministry of earth sciences.An eclipse of the moon occurs when the earth is in a direct line between the sun and the moon. The moon does not have any light of its own; instead, it reflects the sun's light. During a lunar eclipse, the moon is in the earth's shadow.According to experts, no filters are required for watching the eclipse."One can spot the moon in east direction after sunset. One would see upper part of moon's disk immersed in earth's dark shadow and slowly leaving," said N.S. Raghunandan Kumar, general secretary of the Planetary Society.The next lunar eclipse will occur Dec 21 but it will not be visible in India.


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